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My professional history


Digital Media Manager at Planet X Bikes


Freelancer at Vogan Creative / The Inversion Project


Head of Communications at Snowsport England

Below outlines a variety of the different work and projects I've been involved with throughout my career.

About: About

Planet X Bikes


My role at Planet X is varied and more like three major roles merged into one: creative team manager; events marketing manager; social media marketing executive. 

My day-to-day activities revolve primarily around content marketing, managing and creating the content to be used to promote the launches of new products as well as the various events through the events brand of the business, Marauder.

In 2022, one key project were the re-launches of several of the bike brands that sit under the Planet X Umbrella: Titus Bikes, On-One Bikes and Holdsworth Bikes. This involved managing separate shoots for each brand, creating a theme and presenting each brand to-camera, detailing the various technical specifications, and then leading the editing to produce final versions for a variety of platforms. 

In the summer, I was responsible for selling out two of the three triathlons we organised, and then providing social media coverage on the day of each event, as well as being the on-site MC and simultaneously capturing video content for post-event media coverage.

The final major project of the year was the management of collecting all the digital assets needed for the new website, featuring both studio and lifestyle photography. This took the form of liaising with freelancers and colleagues to capture the content, as well as being behind the camera for some of the studio pieces when necessary.

These projects have been underlined throughout with constant social media marketing for both the main bike brand and the events brand, running both organic and paid campaigns to grow the audience and specifically target certain audiences to boost sales.

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